Discover Canada’s North!

Oh, Canada.  Our true north, strong & free! It’s time to discover our true north in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. With 1/3 of Canada’s land mass, it only has 100,000 people living there, with more than half being aboriginal (Inuit, Metis or First Nations). Now just think of the culture you can experience here with so many of Canada’s first inhabitants living in this vast area.

Nunavut comprises of 1/5 of all of Canada with the lowest population of all provinces. There are no roads between the communities connecting them, or to any other community in Canada. The only way in is to fly! Doesn’t that already sound like a great adventure? You would first need to get to Ottawa, Montréal, Winnipeg, Churchill, Edmonton, Calgary, or Yellowknife and travel with one of the 5 airlines that flies there. There are a number of expeditions to take while visiting Nunavut to experience Canada’s far north like never before! For more info visit Nunavut’s tourism page at

The Northwest Territories once comprised of most of Canada’s Northwest region from Manitoba to the pacific ocean and the arctic sea. It is now a territory in the middle of Nunavut (formed in 1999) and Yukon (formed in 1898). Here you can experience Canada’s first ever highway to the Artic Ocean! From, they write:  “Canada’s brand new all-season highway to the Arctic Ocean opened to the public on November 15, 2017.  Our Inuvik-to-Tuk Highway is a milestone – the first road in history to reach the polar shore of North America. The highway stretches 140 kilometres from Inuvik, the hub of the Western Arctic, to the dynamic Inuvialuit community of Tuktoyaktuk on the wild Arctic coast.”  Bask in the spectacular Aurora Borealis, dip into the arctic ocean for a true “polar plunge,” and enjoy 24 hours of daylight during Summer Solstice. So much natural beauty!

Yukon – the diamond territory!  Experience the culture of the Yukon First Nation people, the friendliness of their locals, by attending some of their many colourful festivals! From the Dawson City Music Festival, the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival, Midnight Sun Festival, to the Adäka Cultural Festival or the Available Light Film Festival, there is so much to see and do in the Yukon. In the winter try dogsledding, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, soak in a hot tub at a Sundog Retreat lodge under the northern lights, and don’t forget to visit a local First Nation to experience their culture, art and history spanning 12,000+ years in the area.  In the summer, you can pan for gold on the Klondike trail, enjoy canoeing, hiking, fishing and camping along the Robert Campbell highway, and explore the mountains on the way to Alaska on the scenic White Pass.  For more ideas visit for copies of your own Vacation Planner & Visitors guide!  PDF versions available or you can order a copy to come in the mail.

Want to really enjoy Canada’s northest-north? Then we recommend a Crystal Cruises Luxury Northwest Passage Explorer expedition.  From Anchorage, Alaska to New York City, this 32-day cruise takes you through the north Pacific Ocean, through the Northwest Passage by the Artic Circle, stopover in Greenland and down the Atlantic Coast to Boston and finally New York.  Crystal Serenity through the Northwest Passage promises unprecedented adventures and unsurpassed luxury. Follow in the footsteps of intrepid explorers as you sail through unparalleled landscapes of grand glaciers, stunning fjords, and rare wildlife sightings as you learn the Arctic culture and its fascinating people. Why experience it any other way? Call our office for more details at 506.778.8345 or toll free at 1.888.236.2747. If you prefer email you can send one to and one of our experienced agents will be happy to help you plan your Far North adventure! Don’t forget, you can earn AND redeem Air Miles with us!


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