Why is travel insurance important?

Picture it: You are on your dream vacation, nothing could be more perfect! Beautiful sunsets, white sand beaches, turquoise ocean, and then BAM! You run into a palm tree and break your arm.  Ok, so that might be a little far fetched, but anything can happen no matter where you are and I’m sure we all have at least one person we know that knows a guy that knows a guy that has a nightmare story of an expensive hospital bill from a foreign country that they had to go bankrupt for.  Don’t be that guy!  This is why travel insurance is important.

The insurance we sell in our office is through Manulife Insurance.  It is an all-inclusive coverage that will have your back in destination should anything go wrong without going broke. As long as you are able to attend one of their approved facilities, they will cover the bill for you where many other insurance companies make you pay first and then offer a reimbursement which could take months to finalize.

And these plans don’t just cover your for health or medical reasons in destination, they also offer cancellation. Many of the policies we sell have a Cancel for Any Reason clause which means you can cancel for anything and have 75% of your costs refunded! There is a plan for everyone and one of our professional agents will be able to help you find the right one for your needs.

Life is uncertain and we never know what problems might arise to make us miss our trip or injure ourselves while travelling, why take the risk? For a few dollars per day of your vacation you can cover yourself for everything you need! Not to mention, by booking with one of our trusty agents, you have another person working to your benefit to make your travel plans go as smoothly as possible!  Reach out to us at 1.888.236.2747 or via email at pcc26qc@marlintravel.com and we will do our best to answer any of your travel insurance questions or concerns.


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