Safety Products for Travel

Here are some products we recommend to keep yourself and your belongings a little safer as you experience the world. We chose these products with solo women travellers in mind but anyone can use them. We would appreciate if you would use the links provided if you want to make a purchase! Feel free to comment with your own product recommendations as well.

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Cross body bag to help keep your belongings close and in front of you
This money belt can keep your most important items hidden with you everywhere you go. It also has RFID protection so your credit cards and ID cards are protected!
This crossbody bag is targeted toward men but it’s a great option for the woman on the go!
When traveling solo, it’s a great idea to have a personal alarm!
If you plan to venture out anywhere at night, these lights wrap around your knuckles for added protection if needed but it also lights up the path ahead of you so you know what you might be up against.
This multifunction flashlight can come in handy in a pinch! It has many tools that could be used in an emergency, is compact for travel and uses a bright LED bulb.
Sometimes you might be in an area where the water just isn’t that safe to drink. With the best-selling LifeStraw you can safely drink water no matter where you are in the world and not risk contamination or illness. Bring extras!
Keep safe while still being fashionable with this cute necklace whistle.
No need to worry about stopping for charging with this portable battery pack that attaches to your phone by magnet!
This door stop can prevent intruders from entering your room wherever you may be and also has an alarm if someone attempts to open your door.
Protect your belongings if you must leave them behind with this antitheft bag protector.
Another amazing way to keep your belongings safe and close to you with this amazing antitheft travel bra with compartments for your cash, passport, credit card and even for your phone.

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