Discover Canada’s Wild West!

Alberta & British Columbia have so many adventures you can go on they could each have a separate post on their own but we will try to keep it simple.  When you think of Canada's west your first thought is MOUNTAINS!  With the Rockies bordering each province and the Coast Mountains on the west coast... Continue Reading →

Discover Canada’s Prairies!

I know what you're thinking, what could there possibly be to do in the flattest part of the country other than watch your own dog run away for days? Well you couldn't be further from the truth.  We are about to share some exciting stuff happening in Manitoba & Saskatchewan! Did you know that from... Continue Reading →

Discover Quebec & Ontario

Ontario & Quebec are 2 of Canada's largest provinces and between them they take up more than half of Canada's population!  There is so much to check out we don't have time for it all in just one post but we will touch on a few things. Brush up on your Francais for the next... Continue Reading →

Discover Canada’s East Coast!

This summer, put the passport away and discover the beauty in our own backyard within our own beautiful country!  From coast to coast to coast, the differences are so vast that you will feel like you're in a whole other world just a few provinces away.  Over the next few posts we will showcase some... Continue Reading →

Office Makeover

Our boss and owner of Marlin Travel Atlantic recently went away on a couple of amazing trips recently (more on that coming up in another blog soon), so office manager Amanda Craig and in-office travel agent Paula Corcoran took the time to give the office a much needed makeover!  We gave the walls a fresh... Continue Reading →

Travel is good for the soul!

  Travel is good for the soul I recently took my first vacation in four years; without my children and just my husband and I. Although it was hard leaving the kids, I knew this vacation was much needed. It had been a busy season in travel and meanwhile my husband was home with the children... Continue Reading →


When planning my winter getaway this year, I wanted something different - something unique! I have experienced Cuban and Dominican cultures. I have felt the no worry atmosphere of Jamaica and I have shaken what my momma gave me in Mexico. When looking at destinations, budget is always a key factor and I am a... Continue Reading →

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